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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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Farmers join protest against landfill

Over 100 protesters gathered outside the district collectorate in Surajpur and at MLA Pankaj Singh's office in Noida on Monday in protestagainst the newly designated spot for waste plant in Sector 123. Residents from Sectors 117 to 122 and neighbouring villages handed over their petition to district magistrate's representative in the collectorate.


"We have bought homes here from our hard-earned money and we have every right stay in a clean environment," said Pankaj Agarwal, a resident of Gaur Grandeur apartment, Sector 119. According to Satte Pradhan, village head of Behlolpur, "We will not allow the authority to act like a dictator. We have our ancestral homes in this region and we will not tolerate unhealthy environment around it."


The protest was joined by the youth wing of Bharatiya Kisan Union alleging meagre compensation. "Most of our land has been taken by the authority without adequate compensation. In this case, they plan to create dumpsite in a residential area which is not only hazardous for residents but detrimental to all neighbouring land value in the region. We cannot allow this to happen," said Ravi Yadav from BKU's youth wing.


While MLA Pankaj Singh did not comment on the matter citing its subjective nature, a delegation from the protestors handed over their petition to his office later in the day.