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Envis Centre, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India

Printed Date: Thursday, May 26, 2022 UP: Water conservation technique makes waves

A village in Uttar Pradesh's Banda district has adopted indigenous techniques to conserve water.


Inhabitants of Jakhni village have tweaked the drainage system to prevent wastage of even the used water. Pipes and drains that are connected to every household in the village for domestic use are being used in farming.


The villagers have also managed to replenish dried up ponds and lakes in the area using the help of furrows and shrubs. Also, residents have managed to divert rainwater into the groundwater table or nearby lakes and ponds.


"We faced many problems in the village in the past sue to water shortage. By adopting water saving techniques, we are now growing lots of fruits, vegetables, rice, etc. This is being done so that we don't have water problems in the future," a farmer told ANI.


Farmers are enjoying a bumper farm produce. This year, the village has produced around 11000 metric tons of agricultural produce, including fruits vegetables and rice. This has attracted the attention of buyers from Punjab and Haryana.


"We have ensured that all farmers have been made aware of these practices, and with furrows and plantations, we save the rainwater as well. This has enabled us to farm better and harvest more," said another farmer.