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| Last Updated:: 04/02/2012

The Directorate

The Directorate of Environment and Ecology, U.P.

The Prime Minister during February 1976 directed the State Government to establish an environmental committee or Board to look into Air, Water, Soil Pollution, Mining and other problems of environmental pollution. Subsequently in Uttar Pradesh, a State Board of Environment and Ecology was constituted with the same terms of reference as indicated in the Prime Ministers directive. The Administrative functions were performed by the Secretary, Science and Environment, Govt. of U.P. through the Directorate of Environment and Ecology, who was the Member Secretary of the said Board. The post of Director, Environment and Ecology was created in 1976 at the department.
The Central Government issued directions that clearance of the State Department or their identified nodal agencies be obtained before sending proposals to the Government of India. In response the Government of Uttar Pradesh issues directions in 1985 that the consent of the Directorate of Environment be compulsory obtained before sending any proposal to Government of India. Earlier as per orders of State Government all proposals for NOC had to be examined first by the Directorate before the Pollution Control Board could grant NOC.