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| Last Updated:: 07/02/2016



For all round development of any state it is necessary that resultant economic and social benefits of development reach all sections of society. The policies and planning of the state should be such that there is improvement in the living standard of people across all sections to enable them to lead a dignified life. Based on this principle, the state government will strive to create an environment that is conducive to development of infrastructure, industry as well as trade.

Infrastructure and Industrial development is key to the development of the State. Therefore the state government will accord the highest priority to infrastructure and industrial development by creating an enabling environment for industrial development and investment attraction. In addition to this, the state government will partner with private sector in the implementation of various infrastructure projects.

To maintain an average growth of 10 per cent in State Gross Domestic Product (SGDP), large scale investments will be required in manufacturing, infrastructure and services sectors, both by public and private sectors. To achieve the objectives set in the Twelfth Five Year Plan, the pace of industrial development will have to be accelerated. To accomplish this, it is necessary that industry-friendly reforms are implemented.

Uttar Pradesh, on account of its population of 200 million is not only the largest and most important state of India but also the largest consumer market of the country. All inclusive development of such an extensive state is extremely important for development of the country. Hence, development of the State's economy and resultant purchasing power in turn benefits the industrial establishments of the entire country.

Like most other states of India, U.P. also has a largely agriculture based economy. Agriculture provides employment to 70 per cent of the workforce of the State and its contribution to the State's GDP is around 25 per cent. It is the leading state in the production of various agriculture commodities and raw materials. The basic resources of requirement for industries like land and water are present in ample quantity in the State. Minerals and livestock are sufficiently available in the State. As required by the industry, skilled and unskilled human resource is abundantly available in Uttar Pradesh. There is a wide network of roads and railways across the State along with air transport services at various places.

It is an established principle that for advanced development, structural changes in the economy are required from Agriculture (primary sector) to Industry (secondary sector) and thereafter from Industry to Services (tertiary sector). Therefore, the policy of any development-oriented state should give impetus to promotion of industry as well as infrastructure facilities and employment generation. Accordingly, in the new policy, special emphasis has been laid on encouraging investment both in Infrastructure and Industry.


Source: Department of Infrstructure & Industrial Development, U.P.