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| Last Updated:: 12/03/2012

Status of Distilleries in U.P.

Distilleries in Uttar Pradesh


Sl. No. Name & Address Sector Status Of Attainment To Zero Discharge With Percentage Of Achievement Consent status under Water Act 2006 Mode Of Disposal (Ferti-Irrigation /Bio-composting / R.O.Plant /Or Any Other Method Specified In CREP Action Taken By Board
1. M/S Pilkhani Distillery And Chemical Works, Saharanpur Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
2. M/S Cooperative Co. Ltd. Tapari, Saharanpur Govt Inadequate Granted Multiple evaporators to turn spent wash into coal briquettes, Bio-Composting under construction Board has issued closure order due to improper operation of E.T.P
3. M/S U.P. Cooperative Sugar Factory Federation Ltd. (Dist. Unit)Nannauta, Saharanpur Govt 50% Complete Rejected Bio-Composting under construction.Proposals submitted to the State Government. Board has issued direction that distillery shall not be operated till zero discharge system is in place
4. M/S Saraiya Dist. Gorakhpur Pvt 100% adequate for 23 kld as directed by C.P.C.B, balance storing in lagoons Pending Bio-Composting. Time bound Programme till 5th Feb 06 submitted for full capacity In compliance to C.P.C.B. directives, direction issued u/s 33-A by Board to restrict production to23 KLD. later relaxed to full capacity on time bound Programme.
5. M/S Balarampur Chini Mills Ltd. (Chemical Div.) Balrampur Gonda Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
6. M/S Neebee Steels Ltd.(Chemical Div) Ghosi Mau Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
7. M/S K.M. Sugar Mills (Dist. Unit) Faizabad Pvt Inadequate Rejected Bio-Composting Industry is being closed under section 33A
8. M/S Lords Distillery, Nandganj Ghazipur Pvt 100% (no discharge into inland surface water ) Granted Ferti-Irrigation, Allowed by Hon'ble Supreme court
9. M/S Somaiya Organics Ltd. Unit Distillery, Kushinagar Pvt Inadequate   Bio-Composting proposed Proposal along with B.G. submitted ,Presently closed
10. M/S Narang Distillery Ltd. Nawabganj Gonda Pvt Inadequate   Bio-Composting proposed Proposal along with B.G. submitted
11. M/S Shrawasti Kisan Sahakari Chini Mills (Dist. Unit) Nanpara Baharaich Govt Inadequate   Bio-Composting being completed Proposal along with B.G. submitted
12. M/S Kisan Sahakari Chini Mills Ltd. (Dist. Unit) Ghosi, Mau. Govt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
13. M/S Kesar Enterprises Ltd. Baheri, Bareilly Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
14. M/S Majhola Distillery And Chemical. Works Majhola, Pilibhit Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
15. M/S Mcdowell And Co. Pilibhit Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
16. M/S Avadh Sugar Mills Ltd. Sitapur Pvt 100% Granted Reverse-Osmosis and Bio-Composting  
17. M/S Mohan Meakins Ltd. Lucknow Pvt Inadequate (80%) Pending Ferti-Irrigation Proposal for 100% is submitted
18. M/S Unnao Distillery& Brewary Ltd. Unnao Pvt Inadequate (80%) Granted Multiple evaporators to concentrate spent wash for incineration. 100% is expected March 2006
19. M/S Bajaj Hindustan Ltd. Gola, Kheri Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
20. M/S Kisan Sahakari Chini mills, Sampurnnagar, Lakhimpur Kheri Govt Inadequate   Bio-Composting under installation, Bank Guarantee submitted  
21. M/S Kisan Sahkari Chini Mills Ltd. (Dist Unit)Kayam Ganj Farrukkhabad Govt Inadequate   Bio Composting installed yet to commission.  
22. M/S U.P Cooperative Sugar Federation (Dist.) Anupshahar Bulandshahar Govt 100% at reduced capacity Pending Bio-Composting Production restricted to 13 kld by C.P.C.B. under E.P Act
23. M/S Jagat jeet Ind. Ltd. Bulandhshahar Pvt Not applicable Granted Not applicable Grain Based
24. M/S Modi Distillery Ghaziabad Pvt 100% Grant Bio-Composting  
25. M/S Mohan Meakins Ltd. Ghaziabad Pvt 100% at reduced capacity Grant Ferti-Irrigation Production restricted to 7.5 KLD instead of 10 KLD by C.P.C.B. under Sec 5 of E.P Act
26. M/S Simbhauli Sugar Mill (Dist. Unit) Simbhauli Ghaziabad Pvt 100% at reduced capacity Grant Bio-Composting Show cause notice issued by C.P.C.B. under E.P Act regarding the restriction on production to 63.7 KLD in place of installed capacity 90 KLD
27. M/S Jubiliant Organics Gajaraula, J.P. Nagar Pvt 100% Granted Reverse-Osmosis, Bio-composting and Ferti-Irrigation Direction have been issued that no colored effluent/polluting effluent shall be discharged during Magh Mela
28. M/S Upper Ganges Sugar And Industries Ltd. Bijnor Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting and Reverse-Osmosis (2x 400 m3)  
29. M/S Rampur Distillery Rampur Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting, Lagoons, Reverse-Osmosis under installation  
30. M/S Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. (Distillery) Dhampur Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
31. M/S National Industrial Corporation, Muradabad Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting  
32. M/S Central Distillery, Meerut Pvt 100% at reduced capacity of 5.8 KLD Granted Reverse-Osmosis and Bio-Composting Production restricted to 5.8 kld instead of 30KLD by C.P.C.B. under E.P Act
33. M/S Daurala Sugar Works , Daurala , Meerut Pvt 100% Granted Bio-Composting Ferti-irrigation  
34. M/S Sir Sadilal Distillery, Mansoorpur Muzaffar Nagar Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
35. M/S Shamli Distillery , Shamli Muzaffarnagar Pvt 100% Granted Bio - Composting and Reverse-Osmosis proposed.  
36. M/S Tikaula Distillery, Vill. Tikaula , Tehsi,Jansath Muzaffarnagar Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
37 M/S Balrampur Chini Mills Ltd. (Dist.Unit)Babhnan, Gonda Pvt 100% Grant Bio-Composting, Reverse-Osmosis.  
38 M/S Mohit Petrochemical Ltd. Nagina Road , Bijnour Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
39 M/S Bajaj Hindustan Ltd.Paliakalan, Kheri Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
40 M/S Sakhumbari Sugar Mill, Distillery unit ,Todarpur, Saharanpur Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
41 M/S Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. Distt. unit Bundki Bijnaur. Pvt 100% Pending Bio-Composting  
42 M/S Superior Distillery, Bareilly Pvt Inadequate (50%) Pending Bio-Composting Presently Closed


Source: U.P. Pollution Control Board




  TOTAL 42


Note: - There are 1 molasses based distilleries. Source:U.P. Pollution Control Board