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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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In Agra, noise pollution adds to residents’ woes

AGRA, SN Medical College sees a large number of patients, especially the elderly, who complain of noise-induced hearing loss due to increasing noise pollution in the city. According to UP Pollution Control Board (UPPCB), one of the main reasons for this pollution is unregulated traffic and continuous honking by vehicles.

UPPCB, which only monitors the noise pollution level in the city, but does not have any power to issue challans, said reports are tabled and authorities concerned are informed about the situation. "It is the transport department which can take action if any vehicle is found making noise more than the prescribed limit ", UPPCB regional officer.

For Agra, where more serious types of pollution - air and water - awaits concerted efforts by the administration to curtail them, noise pollution is still a secondary concern. However, health experts warn of serious repercussions if noise pollution continues to be ignored.

According to transport office data, there are around 6.7 lakh vehicles registered in Agra, out of which six lakh are run on petrol while around 65,000 are diesel-run. A miniscule 800 are run on CNG. Besides that, 78,000 new vehicles are added on city roads every year.

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