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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding industries in Unnao polluting river Ganga, Uttar Pradesh

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of M.C. Mehta Vs. Union of India & Ors. dated 28/04/2017 regarding industries in Unnao polluting river Ganga. NGT directs that all these industries should be put to a joint inspection where their pollution control systems be verified and effluent should be analyzed and it should be ensured that no system for injecting the trade effluent into the groundwater are existing in any area of any industry.


The Member Secretary, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board is present before the Tribunal to state his experience particularly with regard to Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) as opposed to dilution system for functioning of the tannery industries in that area. He has informed that the latest technology “Water less Chrome Management Technology” has been adopted in principle by 20 units in Tamil Nadu and have purchased the rights of the new technology while the 3 are on the trial stage.


On the next day of hearing (02/05/2017) NGT will also take up the issue of 5 drains with regard to river Pandu and Ramganga.