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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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How pollution is depleting the quality of life

Besides impacting our health, pollution is triggering major environmental changes. Global warming and variation in weather conditions are just a few examples that show how pollution is interfering with the function of 'Mother Nature'. The source of pollution may vary but each pollution type is contributing to hazardous conditions. Let's discuss each type in detail.

Air pollution: Contamination of atmosphere which results in interrupted natural composition and air chemistry is referred to as Air pollution. The particulate matter like dust and presence of excessive gases such as carbon dioxide or other vapors in the air, which cannot be eradicated through natural cycles like carbon or nitrogen cycle turns into air pollution.

The sources responsible for causing air pollution are:

·         Pollution emitting from vehicles

·         Pollution from manufacturing exhaust

·         Natural sources like erosion of dry soil, volcanic eruptions, forest fires

·         Demolition and manufacturing of buildings, skyscrapers and other constructions


Air pollution results in smog, depletion of crops due to absence of adequate oxygen and acid rain. It has been noticed that increasing air pollution is also causing health conditions like asthma and higher cases of breathing issues. Moreover, the main cause of global warming is air pollution.

Water pollution: Contamination of water due to chemical waste, particulates or bacterial matter which results in degrading the purity and quality of water is referred to as water pollution. All water bodies including oceans, lakes, rivers, sea, underground reservoirs get affected by water pollution. It affects the flow of water and it has been observed that water pollution is reducing the level of water from various water bodies.

The main causes of water pollution include:

·         Deposit of residues in water due to erosion of soil

·         Chemical wastes, littering and other waste products that get deposited in water bodies

·         Soil pollution sweeping into water supplies

·         Decay of organic material in water bodies


Water pollution is impacting the availability of drinking water. It is also adversely affecting the supply for irrigation, wildlife and water creatures.

Noise pollution: Increase in noise decibels, especially due to human activity, is referred to as noise pollution. Noise Pollution disrupts the lifestyle in affected areas and extreme cases can even cause hearing impairment.

The main causes of noise pollution are:

·         Road Traffic

·         Air traffic

·         Railways

·         Honking of vehicles

·         Manufacturing of industrial plants

·         Construction or demolition

·         Noise from fireworks

·         Concerts


There are some sources of noise pollution that are temporary while there are many which are permanent. Noise pollution can cause loss of hearing, disturbed wildlife and degrading our lifestyle.

Soil pollution: Contamination of the soil that hinders the growth of natural products, imbalanced land that is utilized for cultivation, preserving wildlife and habitation is referred to as soil pollution.

The main causes of soil pollution include:

·         Harmful waste like polyethene bags

·         Sewage spills

·         Farming practices like using inorganic pesticides

·         Strip mining

·         Deforestation, and other destructive practices

·         Household dumping and littering

Soil pollution leads to soil erosion, poor growth and reduced crop yields, diminishing different species, water and visual pollution and desertification.

Personal pollution: Contamination of our own body and lifestyle due to hazardous actions is referred to as personal pollution.

The main causes of personal pollution are:

·         Smoking or drinking

·         Drug abuse

·         Emotional or physical abuse

·         Poor living conditions

Personal pollution damages health conditions. It deteriorates mental stability and causes various health conditions. Your voluntary actions are mainly responsible for personal pollution. Positive attitude, eliminating hazardous activities like tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption can help in eradicating personal pollution.

Thermal pollution: Production of excessive heat that impacts surroundings over a longer duration of time is referred to as thermal pollution. While earth has its own thermal cycle, but human activities has led to generation of excessive heat in the environment. Mainly thermal pollution impacts surroundings near to its source. However, there are multiple sources that affect the larger geographical area.

Main causes of thermal pollution are as follows:

·         Power plants

·         Deforestation

·         Increasing urban area

·         Particulates in air that trap heat

·         Loss of temperature moderating water supplies


With the increases temperature, there is a drastic change in the climate. This causes depletion of wildlife, natural resources and medical and health conditions.

Light pollution: Over-illumination of an area that is too blatant is known as light pollution.


The main causes of soil pollution are:


·         Lights in large cities

·         Billboards or advertising boards

·         Events that happen during night time

·         Other night-time entertainment


Light pollution can impact the quality of life. It is impossible to see the celestial bodies like stars due to light pollution. It also interferes with astronomical observation.