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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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In a first, solar powered lights on Basant Day

For the first time, Basant Day will be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner in Dayalbagh on Monday, with only solar-powered decorative lights. Twenty-thousand followers of the Radha Soami faith, from different parts of the country as well as abroad, will attend the celebrations. The entire Dayalbagh locality can be seen to have geared up for the festivities, with yellow flowers and large rangolis. 


Besides locals, a large number of followers from Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab participated in religious proceedings on Sunday. In the afternoon, tableaus depicting scenes from the life of Param Purush Puran Dhani Huzur Soamiji Maharaj, founder of the Radha Soami faith were taken out.


SK Nayyar, spokesperson of the Radha Soami Satsang Sabha said, “Lighting arrangements, this time, will be made using solar power plants. No power supply will be taken from any state transmission or generator. Only energy efficient bulbs will be used. Candles or earthen lamps will not be utilized. This year, the festival will be celebrated in an eco-friendly manner.”