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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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Environment cell for Hindon elevated road project

The GDA has constituted an environmental management cell to implement measures suggested by State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) at the time of giving green nod to Hindon elevated road project.



“We have invited expression of interest for an environmental expert company which will be the part of environmental management cell and its expertise will be sought in implementing specific and general conditions laid down by SEIAA,” said a GDA official. “Apart from an environmental expert firm, the environmental cell includes GDA chief engineer, its officer on special duty and financial controller,” he added.


The measures suggested by SEIAA at the time of granting environmental clearance (EC) to GDA include undertaking of an environment impact assessment and submission of the same to SEIAA within two years of the commencement of the project. Apart from this, monitoring report should be submitted to the authority every six months regarding the implementation of stipulated conditions. While granting the EC, the SEIAA made it clear to the civic body that it reserves the right to ‘revoke’ EC if the measures are not implemented in a time-bound manner.


“LED lights have been installed on the elevated road and efforts are on to install online ambient air quality monitoring system. We cannot afford to invite the ire of SIEAA and risk revocation of EC given by it so we are making all efforts to ensure that all its recommendations are implemented” said the official.