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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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Identify land for solid waste mgmt plants by June 30: NGT to nagar palikas

To combat the menace of open solid waste in the state, National Green Tribunal (NGT) has directed nagar palikas and nagar panchayats across Uttar Pradesh to identify land for setting up of solid waste management plants by June 30. UP Pollution Control Board has issued notice to all the nagar palikas in the state to the effect.



Most nagar palikas do have any solid waste management system or space to dump the trash. In Bijnor for instance, none of the 18 civic bodies in the district has its own dumping grounds. So they dump the waste in jungles or roadsides.


NGT has taken a serious note of this and instructed UP Pollution Control Board to get solid waste processing units set up in all nagar palikas and nagar panchayats in the state.


Regional officer of UP Pollution Control Board GC Verma said, “We served notices to all industrial units, nagar palikas and nagar panchayats and asked to set up solid waste processing units in their respective areas. After finalizing the land and preparation of detail project reports, the solid waste management units have to be set up by January 31, 2019. If anyone fails to do so, strict action will be taken.”


The NGT has also slammed municipalities in Uttar Pradesh for failing to manage discharge of untreated sewage water into river Ganga saying it appears that "environment and public health do not fall on their priority list".


The tribunal had earlier asked the Uttar Pradesh government to reply why environmental compensation should not be slapped on it for its "intentional" non-compliance of statutory obligations regarding discharge of untreated sewage water into the Ganga.