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| Last Updated:01/02/2019

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Govt constitutes committee to identify air polluting industries for protection of Taj

For protection of the Taj Mahal, a six-member high-level committee has been constituted by ministry of environment for identifying air and non-air polluting industries in TTZ area. The committee will submit its report by October 31. 

The union government has formed the committee to look into the issue of industrial pollution around the iconic Taj Mahal after the SC had come down heavily on the Centre and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) for not being able to protect the monument. He apex court had even issued a warning that it would “shut it down” and the authorities should “demolish or restore” the Mughal structure.


TTZ is an area of about 10,400 sq km spread over the districts of Agra, Firozabad, Mathura, Hathras and Etah in Uttar Pradesh and Bharatpur district of Rajasthan.


According to the order issued by the ministry of environment and forests, the committee will examine the list of industries falling within the TTZ and categories them into air-polluting and non-air-polluting industries. They would also assess secondary data to find out if any other types of units operate under TTZ and whether they contribute to air pollution.


The committee will be headed by the Member Secretary of CPCB, and five members, including Dr Manoranjan Hota, ExAdvisor MoEF &CC, Commissioner, Industries department of various districts falling within the TTZ authority, Regional officer of UPPCB, Senior officers representing district administration and Member convenor of TTZ authority will also be the part of the committee.



Source: TOI